FOUNDER BODY:  The founder  body  of  the Jodhpur Computer Dealers  Association was  formed  in the month of May 2002.  

Patron Shripati Mehta Diamond Sales
President Basant Mehta BlueBell Computers
Vice President Kailash Gupta 4GL Technologies
Secretary Sanjeev Monga QuicServ Computers
Treasurer Mahendra Bafna Unik Systems


EXECUTIVE MEMBERS: In the General meeting  of  JCDA, it was decided to  form a  new team of executive members  to run the association  & on 19th March 2015  at Hotel Mapple, following  12 members were selected for  the year 2015-16:

1.      Anil Pungalia ( Pungalia Associates)

2.      Basant Mehta ( BlueBell  Computers)

3.      Kuldeep Singh ( Sahara Computers)

4.      Pankaj Moondra ( P M Computers)

5.      Puneet Daga ( Daga Technocrats Pvt Ltd.)

6.      Rahul Kumpawat ( Computer House)

7.      Ramesh Loonker ( S.K. Enterprises)

8.      Ravi Sancheti ( Rishabh Marketing)

9.      Sanjay Sethia ( Computer Warehouse)

10.   Sanjeev Monga (QuicServ Computers)

11.   Sunil Parihar (Vicky) ( Smart Computers)

12.   Vinay Gupta ( Frontline Computers)


COMMITTIES : All the Executive Members formed  FOUR  different committees of  JCDA, each having  3 members:  ( view details)

  1. Membership Committee 
  2. Vendor coordination committee
  3. Defaulter handling committee
  4. Event Management committee


MEMBERS :  It is  a matter of  joy for  IT community  of  western Rajasthan, that  we are  coming closer & closer.  Today  every  IT dealer is  willing to  be  the part of  this Association. Current list of  our  members  can be  downloaded from here.

One  can  become  the  member of  JCDA  by   applying  in enclosed New  membership form. They can avail  discount in fees in this 9th anniversary year. Membership will be  approved & granted by respective  comittee only.

Old  members  can  update  their  records  as  well can  renew  their  memberships  using this renewal form

Our aim is to  establish an ideal  name of  JCDA  and its members. Please  use  ethical policies  in your  Business  and  don't let  others to do unethical  business  with you as  well. Using this platform, you can give voice to your thoughts &  share   your  experiences  with  each other. 

EVENTS & ACTIVITIES :  We  have successfully organised  many  Events & Activities  for members :

May 2002   :   Foundation of  JCDA  was  placed.

Aug 2003   :    Release of  JCDA journal ( IT newsletter)  ( Vol. 1 No. 1)

May 2004  :    Talk with the  Department of Commercial Taxes

Aug  2006:     DQ week special page for JCDA president 

May 2011 :     JCDA completed  9  years 

June 2011  :    Financial contribution by IT partners for noble cause  

June 2013 :     Taken membership of Federation of  RCTA ( FRCTA)

May 2014:     Celebrated  12th Anniversary year with event

Feb 2015:       News paper report JCDA recycle  project ( Bhaskar, Navjyoti, C&C, IT voice)

March 2015:   Selection of  the  NEW team of  12  executive members 

CIRCULARS : Circulars  are  kept online  for  transparency &  storage.



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